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    • Agile – where are we at? My slides from USI conference, Paris.
      Here are the slides for my talk “Agile, where are we at?” from USI conference in Paris (USI = “unexpected sources of inspiration”) in June. One of the coolest conferences I’ve ever attended! My talk was an attempt to take a step back and look at the big picture, and also speculate about the future […]
    • 7 Misconceptions about TDD
      Here are some common misconceptions about TDD. I call them “myths” here, for short. If this feels like talking to the dentists about your teeth, you are not alone. When I talk about tests sometimes people gets embarrassed about their habits, “I know you’re right but …”. Myth: Simple code need no tests “This code […]
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    • Group Vs team
      I have seen many “Agile teams” working quietly without talking to their teammates. Every day they are at work sharp 9 AM, pick up a user story from the backlog, finish it and go.  Their interaction with other team members is limited. But each one is really happy as the are achieving something. This is […]
    • How to build resilient Scrum teams ?
      Some time back I attended a session on raising resilient kids. I learnt that building resilience is all about building the ability to bounce back and learn from all kinds of adversity—including setbacks, threats, stress and trauma.   Here are some notes from the session. How to build resiliency in kids? 1. Providing unconditional love and acceptance […]
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    • Allison Scholz
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    • Testing with a DevOps Approach: An Interview with Tom Stiehm
      In this interview, Tom Stiehm of Coveros explains how you can integrate test automation with DevOps to create a continuous testing environment. In this performance-driven environment, software development, testing, and operations must evolve to meet iteration and release delivery goals.
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    • Join JB at Building Business Capability 2016!
      I’m excited to announce that I’ll be participating in this year’s Building Business Capability (BBC) conference in Las Vegas, NV. BBC is the official conference of IIBA, and the only event on the planet where you can learn and network […]
    • On the Essence of Business Analysis
      I recently had the opportunity to talk shop with Dave Saboe, who runs the Mastering Business Analysis website and accompanying podcast. The topic of our conversation was the "essence" or underlying "why" of business analysis, and how focusing on that "essence" or "why" can benefit the individual analyst, and the organization as a whole.
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    • I Am Looking for Co-investors
      My brain is bigger than my budget. And thus, I'm looking for co-investors. The post I Am Looking for Co-investors appeared first on NOOP.NL.
    • I Suck
      I do a good amount of bragging, marketing, and self-promotion. But I suck at many things. The post I Suck appeared first on NOOP.NL.
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    • Product Manager is not a “CEO” of their products
      From the time product management has been around, there is a notion that to be effective, product managers should behave like CEOs for their product. A belief that the successful product managers have the power to make decisions for their product like CEOs do for a company. Others can provide all the input they want, but the final decision […]
    • Fear of Missing Touch – How to lose your way with your target market
      You all have likely heard the term FOMO – “Fear of Missing Out” – the fear that makes us buy products/services because everyone else is doing it and for the fear of missing out on something that others are getting out of it. A fear that has been proven to move products – people wanting stuff […]
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    • Give Permission to Complain
      Your customers don’t complain enough. (I know, that can feel awfully hard to believe sometimes.) If they did, you’d know all the interactions that frustrate…Continue readingGive Permission to Complain
    • What Does “Wishful Thinking” Validation Look Like?
      When I originally wrote this post, it was titled “What does a validated hypothesis look like?” But that’s not entirely accurate. A validated hypothesis requires more than…Continue readingWhat Does “Wishful Thinking” Validation Look Like?
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