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Manage customer expectations the Agile way

Here’s a thought-provoking piece by John Peltier about ‘selling’ roadmap items to the business. John discusses ways to make sure that customers aren’t given unreliable promises about the delivery of features or smaller roadmap items. Among other techniques, he suggests

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You won’t believe this ONE simple secret to running effective retrospectives ;-)

This technique is so clear and revolutionary that I couldn’t resist the scammy post title. Dan Milstein, Director of Product Development at Wingu, recently gave a talk about running a 5Whys sessionĀ (slides at the end of this post). 5Whys is

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Product owners need to sort the backlog as well as prioritise it

Jim Coplien andĀ Brent Reid describe different but related reasons why the backlog needs to be ordered in order for a sprint to receive items to work on. The product owner will need to ensure that backlog items have priorities –

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The best way to improve a process is to study best practice, then think about what you’re going to do, then do it, and then review without blame what went well and what needs improvement. In Agile, the review is

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Some wisdom from Henrik Kniberg

Henrik Kniberg is an Agile/Lean Coach and Agile Alliance board member. He blogs at blog.crisp.se/author/henrikkniberg and tweets at twitter.com/henrikkniberg. I’ve referred to Henrik’s excellent video about the role of the product owner and how that fits into the overall Agile

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